Ibiza Personal Trainer – for all your fitness needs while on the island

We offer a friendly, open and individually tailored approach to your health & fitness challenges to Ibiza residents and visitors alike.

We have all the island’s best trainers, both male and female and with specialists in virtually every area of health and fitness, whatever you are looking for we can supply the right trainer for you.

Our trainers are all residents, and are hand-picked as are the best qualified, experienced and most reliable on the island.

Ibiza Personal Trainer only use solid  ”no-nonsense” trainers who do not rely on the latest fitness fads, gadgets and gizmos, nor any “mystical philosophies” to baffle you with ‘BS’ - just solid “no-nonsense” training techniques  proven to work over 35 years of collective training experience between us.

Our trainers will listen to you, and after an initial assessment session will custom design a unique personal training and fitness program especially for you, including nutritional, motivational and educational assistance as required, to enable you to achieve your personal health and fitness goals whether you are aiming at long term lifestyle changes or a short-term fitness holiday or boot-camp blitz.

We have long experience of working with high-profile clients in Ibiza and will always and absolutely respect your privacy and the confidential nature of the highly personal trainer-client relationship.

Personal Training Holidays & Fitness Breaks in Ibiza

We have been involved and running “Ibiza bootcamps” and personal fitness breaks on the island for many years and can tailor  bespoke custom fitness holidays for you as required, for more information please visit our FAQ or Contact Us with any specific inquiries.

**If you are contacting us from a Concierge Company or on behalf of a 3rd party client, please ensure to state  this in your inquiry.

We look forward to working with you on our beautiful island..

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