About Us – Our Ethos & Approach – Getting the Best from your Training

Ibiza Personal Trainer was formed  in 2006 and work with of all the best trainers on Ibiza to be able to cover any fitness training requirements, in any location on Ibiza.

We have worked with many high-profile clients and will always and absolutely respect your privacy & the confidential nature of the Trainer-Client relationship.

Our approach to your health and fitness challenges and training will always be the same, although your program is likely to be as individual as you are. We understand that your Health is so much more than just the physical aspects of fitness, and that body & mind are fundamentally & inextricably linked. Health is the all round combination of body & mind, the many aspects of fitness, good nutrition, happiness & stress-free living.

Unfortunately we cannot supply the last of these, however often the best stress-buster we know is that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment after that session you didnt really want to do, and that we did anyway, and the positive feelings that follow on from ongoing improvements in your Health…

Your Health Program will include:

Fitness Checkup

A thorough cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and postural assessment, including Body Composition Measurement

Nutrition, Weight Management

A key element to long-term health & well-being, we will teach you how to analyse & manage your nutrition using simple techniques and easy-to-use software.

Stress Management

Techniques to identify & reduce stress levels thro nutrition, exercise & appropriate strategies.

In our initial consultation ( friendly chat ) we will discuss your goals, perceptions & concerns and agree attainable fitness goals, and a realistic program, to begin our work towards your end-result.

Ibiza Personal Trainer will supply:


To firstly work towards, reach, and then exceed your goals. We understand that although sometimes you know what needs to be done, you sometimes struggle to do it when the time comes, and that’s where your Personal Trainer comes in, to lend you some temporary extra motivation.

Experience & Enthusiasm

Our fitness portfolio is drawn from many and diverse disciplines, from modern Hi (and Low) Tech Gym and Coaching Techniques, through to Yoga, Pilates and various Martial Arts, from Tai Chi to Thai Boxing.

We will fully tailor your training to your own individual needs and preferences as far as possible and always try to make it as challenging and fun as possible.

From the basic principles of safe functional exercise we will work through full-body functional warm-ups, bodyweight and conditioning exercises through to challenging functional strength, balance / coordination based resistance work if desirable.


We will supply all specialist equipment required for your Personal Training Sessions with us.


We understand that life in Ibiza can be unpredictable and will make every effort to fit in around your busy schedule. Sessions can be arranged in advance for whatever time is convenient or suitable, 24 hours per day (with notice)


Day in, day out, consistency is the key to long-term success in any task, and especially so with health & fitness matters.We will help you make a realistic, consistent committment to your on-going Health & Well-Being and be there with you to see, when you make it happen.

“Ibiza Personal Trainer aim to re-energise, motivate, educate and inspire you to kick-start your lifestyle makeover and to provide support and advice until it’s all become so second nature that you don’t need our services anymore”

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