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Your Personal Training doesnt have to be in a gym, indeed we generally prefer the open air and countryside, unless we specifically need a gym for any purpose.

Training can be at your home / holiday accommodation, or out in the fresh air, on the beach, in a pool, virtually anywhere suitable, and most importantly, whereever you will feel comfortable.

We will tailor your sessions to your individual needs and preferences and will always try to make your sessions as educational, challenging, enjoyable and beneficial as possible.


Cardio-VascularExercise Programs

Depending on your preferences can be based on a range including:

* Running           *Boxing
* Cycling             *Kick-Boxing
Swimming       *Power Walking
* Stretching       *Flexibility

Toning, Strength & Conditioning

We take a functional approach to resistance work for maximum “real-world” usable fitness & health benefits from pro athletes through to the general public alike.


Including injury, illness & pre /postnatal

Martial-Arts based Fitness Training including :

* Boxing
* Muay Thai & Kickboxing
* Chinese Kung Fu

Triathlon & Multi-Sport Specific Programs

For useable functional strength, performance and flexibility gains, and injury prevention plans for multi-discipline athletes

Complementary Functional Exercise Programs

To supplement your current sport or training routine/s,  for performance / flexibility gains, and long term  injury prevention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Personal Training Methodology 

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